Friday, 2 October 2009

Now thats what I call BRATITUDE..........

Why, oh why, did I agree to let my 4 year old watch "Bratz:The Movie"?

One of thems got blue hair- "Mummy can I have blue hair", and one of thems got her belly button pierced- "Mummy can I get an earring in my belly button". Err WTF???

I have now got a real life walking, Talking Brat- with Bratitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this wears off soon, as I have got little patience. She has already stripped off, taken her arms out of the sleeves of her vest, so she can wear a "boob tube". Err WTF???

I think I will have to sit her down and have a chat, in her new language, just so she understands me............
"Heres the dealio, don't get your knickers in a twist, but you sound seriously stupid, its over with a capital over. My bad." I think that should do it!! Ha Ha!

She now knows how to pause, rewind and play Sky+, so not only have we just listened to the songs aout 50 times each, she has now perfected her posing, pouting and is saying "Your not my BFF anymore", to a very bemused 2 year old brother. Err WTF???

She is now walking around singing songs titled:

"Gonna flaunt it"
"Gotta make you want it"
"Can't stop this feeling"
"You won't get no sleep tonight"

Err WTF???

and saying:

"Don't get your knickers in a twist,"
"BFF" (Best Friends Forever),
"Don't lose your passion for fashion,"
 "You're seriously stupid,"
 "She's hot,"
"That's just awesome,"
 "My bad," 
"You stupid cheerleader," 
 "Princess perfect," 
 "Are you kidding me?" 
 "Me likey,"
"It's over with a capital over," 
"Here's the dealio"

It has to end soon.........................Watch this space....................


  1. Thank you so much for the warning, Juliette will NEVER be watching Bratz. It sounds like we are raising a bunch of miniature Paris Hiltons ~ "Thats hot."

    Your right, when you say, WTF...

    Btw, thanks for following!! I enjoyed your blog as well so I followed you too...

    Good luck with the Bratitude!!

  2. Definately steer clear of Bratz- at least untill they are old enough to watch it without mimicing everything!!

    I must admit, I actually found the film mildly amusing, untill Jasmin started to copy them!

  3. Ella,
    how terribly funny, man and too think it only gets better, and thats the "dealio".
    Bess says hi.

  4. Shes still talking like that now! It is funny, but with an Essex accent is even funnier- My Bad!!!

  5. Children will be children..They grasp adult language ,imitate and mimic adults and anything on TV.I had a time dealing with this at home....

  6. Thanks aynzan, will take a look. Nice to know I am no alone in all this parenting stuff!