Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Ok, so I've just decided to set up a blogg, cos I thought it might be cathartic (spell???!) to write down my thoughts (both sane & mad!), as opposed to talking to,one of my cats or posting on Facebook, which I don't actually do! I am a Facebook voyer, I like to see what everyone else is thinking, look at everyone elses posts & photos without anyone knowing my business!! I have even got Facebook on my Blackberry, which pings every 2 seconds, normally with someone posting everytime they eat, breathe, sleep etc- I am hooked! Its a bit like Big Brother with people you know- even though I can't stand the actual show, I think everyone is a secret curtain twitcher, we like to indulge ourselves in knowing what everyone else is up to ha ha!

Anyway, I do go off on these my webpage suggests, I am married, with 2 kids and have an absolute obsession with Henry VIII, and all things Tudor. More of that another time, as it is now my bedtime, so nighty nite if anyone is reading........................................ Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz